Malvern and Worcester Plastering: Testimonials and Case Studies.


"The plastering company has done a great job for us on a kitchen/ dinner which is around 32m2 with every nook and cranny going they have been flexible and totally realiable we left them to it and went on holiday for a week with no problems at all and they kept in touch to let us know how it was going the work is absolutely great and we will have them back to do the rest of the house after saving up."  K. Davis .

"We are currently renovating a semi detached property in Worcester part of which has included a total rewrite of the property we needed walls and ceiling reskimming throughout the property as well as some rendering and after searching for several weeks and receiving several quotes to find a reliable plasterer the plastering company more than fitted the bill they not only provided a competitive quote but also gave invaluable advice on certain aspects of the renovation furthermore. The final result and level of there workmanship is of excellent quality we are particularly pleased with the two fire places one of which included some great arch work. They always kept us well informed of progress turned up when they said they would and went about there work efficiently with a pleasant friendly and trustworthy manner we gave them a key during the works they also were really tidy for plastered we will have them back in the future without a doubt would highly recommend." - D.R.

"Very good professional. a good job well done - would use again." S. Mog 

"Very friendly professional guy contacted me and completed the job the same day for a reasonable price. You can’t ask for a faster service. Adam was the only plasterer to bother to phone me on the day they were supposed to. I will definitely be using the plaster company again." - A. Spoo 

A case study in Malvern plastering:

"The dreaded leak in the ceiling!"

Winter. It comes around every year. And the winter of 2017 brought with it the usual challenges for us. With the cold snap of 2017, when we were up to our ankles in snow, a house high up in West Malvern contacted us to say they had suffered from a burst pipe. The freezing weather, at nearly minus ten overnight, had seen the water freeze into ice that expanded in the pipes and then, in one instance, had resulted in a break. The plaster in the ceiling below was stained with the brown tendrils of unsightly moisture to the extent that urgent work was needed.

First things first, a local Malvern plumber found the leak and repaired the piping, and we removed any plaster which was too damaged to try to repair. Our next task was simply to wait, to allow time for the plaster to dry out. Keeping the temperature up and the airflow free and easy is key here, but there's simply no getting around the fact that before any re-plastering work can be done, then the site itself must be dried out first - and thoroughly. With the help of an electric heater the hallway was kept warm for several days to give the plaster time to dry. Our initial inspection was also important for the client's insurance purposes, as they needed us to sign off the quote for the work that would be needed to re-plaster that section of the ceiling. Fortunately, the accidental damage policy covered burst pipes, so the cost of the repair minus the excess could be recovered.

Our next action in the case of the dreaded leak in the ceiling saw us plasterers assemble at the West Malvern property just over a week before Christmas. Using two coats of primer on the plaster that we had left, we then boarded up the damaged section, and applied plaster to the edges of the join and skimmed it so that it was smooth and level with the rest of the ceiling. Giving this time to dry, a white emulsion paint could then be added to complete the repair job.

And it was all done in time for Christmas - our client's very own Yuletide miracle!


A case study in rendering:


A case study in boarding:

Re-boarding a ceiling: "Don’t you go a -touching my Nogging!"

It might sound counter-intuitive, but re-boarding a confined area can actually be a highly complex affair - it’s certainly a great deal more awkward to do than boarding up on a new build property or even in a standard renovation. Recently, in Malvern, on the wonderful Guarlford Road, we were asked to do just this for a bathroom that must have been at least thirty years old or so.

It was a very tired lath and plaster ceiling that was over clad with timber to hold it up - making it not just unsightly but also giving rise to cold spots in the structure and roof space. All of this had to come off and it was up to us to re-insulate the loft area immediately above, and on top of that we also added 100mm of insulation to the pitched side below the roof tiles to leave an air gap.

















Boarding plastered nicely.jpg
Replastered and ready for painting.jpg
Boarding insulation Malvern.jpg

Anyone who has worked in confined roof spaces will realise how hot it can get when you are ducking and diving amongst the timbers - and this was definitely the case in the May bank holiday when it was glorious weather over that weekend. Thoughts of cool beer outside the Bluebell Pub were left unrealised as we worked for four days to re-board the ceiling of the bathroom, and in the confined space we did do our rehearsal of the Chuckle Brothers in navigating the wide boards through the doors of the property: “From me to you!” Steve told me, only for me to reply: “No - from me to you!” - giving the board a gentle push in his direction.

After I helped my fellow boarding partner up, and with the boards finally in place, we screwed and fixed the boards into place, making sure to secure them to the erstwhile nogging to prevent any movement in the boards that might crack the plaster over time.

In such a confined space, it was easy to get in one another’s way, and I can only wonder at what the client must have thought when, in a moment of poetry inspired no doubt by his agitation, did Steve exclaim: “Don’t you go touching my nogging!”

Nonetheless, aside from some occasional and highly unintentional nogging touching, the bathroom ceiling was boarded and then skimmed, leaving our client with a much warmer room devoid of cold spots and able to shower in comfort.