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A Malvern plasterer advises you to get your rendering booked in!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Together, Malvern and Worcester Plastering have been in the game for 30 odd years. I trained under the watchful eye of my father before moving onto a professional plastering qualification, and my partner Adam did the same, putting himself through course after course in the south east of England where he learned the hard task of applying Tyrolean render (which is physically demanding work).

But even back in those heady days of starting out on my career, when I had more hair than I do now and when my hands were somewhat smoother, we were still warning potential clients to book their rendering jobs in as early as possible. Like exterior painting, rendering is best carried out when the weather is bright and dry, and in places like Malvern, with the Malvern Hills giving us something of an unpredictable climate, the window for rendering is never easy to plan for.

The same is true now. Although the medium might have changed, with me posting blog warning and blog warning about the pleasantries (and difficulties) of a plasterer's life, or sending out email after email to plead with prospects to book themselves in, every year I still get calls from people needing work on unrealistically short notice.

It isn't just our availability that is in question either. As plasterers and rendering professionals in the Malvern area we pride ourselves in scheduling what work we can - but often we might require extra equipment: last year there was a scaffolding shortage around Malvern and Worcester - it's an odd thing to occur but the professional scaffolding erectors were so booked up they had some weeks waiting before they could attend a site. The same can easily occur with the likes of cherry-picker hire and any other specialist equipment that might be needed: to use a dreaded academic or project management term: "It can hold up the Critical Path of the plastering!"

So please, if you are looking for external work this year, if it's rendering the outside of a property on the Malvern Hills or down in the Worcester Vale, then contact Malvern and Worcester Plastering at the earliest opportunity - and we can get you booked in.


Steve and Adam, the Malvern and Worcester Plastering duo.


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