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Rendering for flood damaged buildings in Worcestershire

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Recently, I caught the national news. The nearby Worcestershire towns of Bewdley looked under threat - the flood barriers were beginning to leak. And the following morning, I heard that the water had risen over the defences, and that residents were being evacuated. In some cases, it is the second time that flood waters have inundated their properties, and it is frankly a miracle that people in such circumstances have the wherewithal to continue. And as I write this, the Spanish-named storm of Jorge is already on its way north across the Biscay, due to reach landfall over the weekend, drench the mountains of Wales, fall onto already saturated fields or already flooded lowlands, and add to the misery of people along the Severn and Avon courses. Much of the news around these disasters focused on how the clean up would proceed, in some cases using footage from the first time the properties were flooded. With damp carpets being hauled out, de-humidifiers brought in, and time given for the walls to dry out. As professional plasterers, going into deluged homes is becoming more a fact of our working lives. I don’t know whether it is due to climate change, building properties on flood plains, not dredging rivers enough, or putting barriers in one area that moves the water farther along to build up elsewhere, but flood repair is something we are getting contacted about more frequently. Because of this, Malvern and Worcester Plastering have decided to offer an extensive range of flood repair options for clients in needs of rendering and plastering work. Proving particularly popular is our carbon neutral plaster, a pure gypsum finish. Alongside this option, we have more water resistant and damp proofing options available for clients to consider. This time of year it is not just flooding to be worried about either: the threat of cold winters brings with it burst pipes. A townhouse in Malvern suffered from a leak on the top floor whilst the residents were away for a week’s holiday: it was only when the postman noticed water seeping through the front door that the alarm was raised - and by then it had seeped through the floors below, necessitating a whole interior refit. (Please remember, always use the stopcock on the mains water if you go away for any length of time!) But if you have any problems with flooding and require rendering or plastering, then please give Adam and Steve a call.

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